Training Background

Within the scope of College of Science and Technolog's mission, it is expected to add new dimension in the delivery as an innovative and responsive provider of a broad array of capacity building programs and services in addition to the normal academic contribution.

This is based on the obvious fact that it is the only pioneering institue capable of responding to the diverse needs of the various agencies such as government, multilateral agencies, bi-lateral, private sectors and NGOs.

The institution, which is believed to be located at the heart of the industries and its activities, was not able to respond to the continuing demand for capacity building programme and consultancy services made by the agencies and industries in the region.

CST has the capacity to organize on-campus and off-campus capacity building programmes such as short-term education, training prgrams and consultancy services that respond to client's continuing professional development needs and services. it aslo provides services to CST's staff and students.

Also, it is a fact that any technical institutions or universities elsewhere around the globe do deliver training and continuing education services through their outreach services. Keeping in view of the expected role of CST and the continuing pressure from various user agencies and stakeholders, short term training implementing committee was formed at CST whose operational modality and prodedure are monitered by Sector Advisory Committee of Engineering Education(SACEE).