About Training

The Royal Civil Service Commission during its 202nd meeting held on October 2004, decided and directed delegation of responsibility to College of Science and Technology to plan and deliver Engineering related in-country trainings.

Upon receiveing the circular, the operational modality and procedure for the outreach services(Short Term Training) in continuing education and consultancy of the College of Science and Technology was developed and evoked forming seven committe member.

While endorsing the working paper in 2007, RCSC in its circular no: RCSC/HRD/(37.0)/2007/2717 dated September, 27, 2007 mentioned to include members from the MoLHR and RCSC. Sectory Advisory Committee for the Engineering Education (SACEE) was thus formed.

As of today numbers of Training has been conducted at CST. Short Term Training web of CST was designed to maintain records and inform Private, Public and Government agencies about the training conducted at CST.