About Sector Advisory Committee for Engineering Education (SACEE)

At the request of the Vice Chancellor, Royal University of Bhutan, a meeting was convened on 25 February 2008 at the office of the Vice Chancellor between the ministry of WoWHS and RUB. The member reviewed the operational modality and procedure to conduct short term training developed by CST.

It was decide in this meeting that membership in the committee should be reduced to Six agencies (MoWHS, MoLHR, RCSE, RUB, CST and JNP).

Second round of meeting was convened on 4 September 2008 at the office of the Vice Chancellor. The member to the Sector Advisory Committee was confirmed and first meeting was held on 2 October 2008 at the MoWHS.

The mission of setting up the Sector Advisory Committee for Engineering Education is to bring together at a common forum, academicians, industrialists, practising Engineers, and other stakeholders to participate in discussion and help in generating technology innovation, business incubation, R & D and thrust area in Industry, University and Institutions. CST and JNP, with the guidance from the committee should offer world class education and training and promote the use of Technology and ICT towards building the technological capacity in Bhutan.