SACEE Mandate

Mandates of the Sector Advisory Committee for Engineering Education(SACEE)

The mandates of the Sector Advisory Committee for Engineering Education besides others, shall be to:

  1.  Advise and give feedback on relevance of programmes offered by the institute and introduction of new programmes;
  2. Advise on the present and emerging needs for professionals (engineers/technologists/ managers) and meeting the future human resources in these fields;
  3. Promote and facilitate joint research activities;
  4. Guide and involve institutes in disseminating technology through various forums
  5. Advise and facilitate in exchange and sharing of technical experts and other resources between Industries and the Institute for the benefit of Industries, Students and Society at large;
  6. Guide in providing a platform to industries for promotion of their products;
  7. Advice and support in conducting Short Term refresher courses for industries/corporations etc;
  8. Help in benchmarking of standards of education and practice, and encourage �thinking global and acting local�;
  9. Advise CST and JNP to emerge as a global leader in providing excellence in the area of education and training in the field of Engineering and Technology innovation, problem solving and interdisciplinary collaboration to meet the changing needs of industry and society;

The vision acknowledges that higher education will have greater responsibilities to meet the needs of society both in Bhutan and abroad. We must be prepared to accept this challenge so that we can continue to lead advances in educational and technological innovation, creative expression and design led problem solving. At the same time CST/JNP will anchor itself to cultural and environmental strengths of Bhutan and foster strategic linkages of innovation and entrepreneurship with the various sectors of industry.

Long-term customer oriented relationships will be necessary. This will mandate active partnerships where all parties share information and common goals. For partnerships to work, all parties must understand that the agreements require significant efforts and continuous communications-not merely an occasional sales call.

In order to revitalize and strengthen the research and publication activities at CST/JNP, research projects have to be streamlined by the formation of research chairs, industry sponsored research, faculty projects, and faculty initiated research projects to be pursued individually or in collaboration.